Monthly Archives: December 2006

a different christmas

December 24, 2006… I missed my bus! I would’ve gone ballistically mad at the people in the Station because it’s Christmas and I’m not home. I even called them to make sure that the bus won’t leave without me instead they gave my seat to someone else! How convenient!

There was no more buses going home. *sighs* I had to spend Christmas here in Manila away from my immediate family. Mom called and she was furious and my Dad was more furious! I wish I could only fly home! But I couldn’t, thus, I just made do with what I have.

Good thing my aunt (mom’s sister) opted to celebrate Christmas with her family here in Manila and they just live next door. I gave my little contribution to the noche buena they were preparing and helped out a bit. And so I still ate a sumptuous meal even if I was not home.

I’m going home today. Who knows what kind of talk I will receive when I get back. But I sure will celebrate New Year there.