Monthly Archives: February 2007

This Time

“The one that you love or the one who loves you?” is a derivative of heart versus mind now that I come to think about it. It got me thinking because a good friend of mine, who bought me a Starbucks’ Frap a while ago (Thank you! Bawi na lang ako next time! Wink!), was telling me about the debate he had with officemates while they were drinking after work today. Question is which side am I in?

I do promote that we should think with our minds and feel with our hearts. In practice, I’m trying so hard to follow what I preach. I’m still at the trying part. Back then I never really thought about it at all. I was so caught up and just let my heart dictate my action. I’m not saying that one should stop oneself from feeling what she/he feels. Allow yourself to feel. Be angry when you’re angry. No one should dictate what you should feel. But you must entail a great of thinking when you act on the things you do. Since we are rational beings we can discern what we should and shouldn’t do and think about its consequences. We are not a being who acts on impulse because if you do then what do we have our brain for. We have brains think!

Sad thing though, even if we know the consequences of our actions we still go ahead on doing things we know which are futile like trying to maintain a certain relationship (not romantic of course) with someone who we love dearly who is unfortunately very much in love with someone else (your friend even) when this person (the one who you unfortunately love) is taking you for granted, hurting you, insensitive and dishonest (Drama! ha ha ha ha). Anyways, I have a good head over my shoulders and I never want anyone giving me CRAP! (Wah galit na!) I don’t deserve it and I won’t ever tolerate it. (Sheesh! I was even determined to sue the school who gave us crap! He he he he he). I tell you people never take crap from anyone. Say OUCH when it hurts. Say STOP when you had enough.