Monthly Archives: February 2008

the pleasure of food

It’s my birthday…


Kilawin ala Bobbit (by the way, we didn’t drink on my birthday that’s just one left over beer my youngest brother drank)


My Shrimp Tempura and Calamares ala Bobbit


Dulce de Leche (as sweet and milky as me) (ngek!)


I miss having cakes during my birthday so for dessert I bought this. (Yeah! My youngest brother forgot to get a candle from Red Ribbon so I had to use one of my tea light candles. We cleaned the container don’t worry…)

*whispers* Do you want to know the real reason why I bought this?

Okidokie I’ll tell you. It’s because I get to make one wish…

I’m not telling what my wish is.

Let’s pig out…

The Carbonara will be cooked today…


a promise to keep

I was born on February 19, 1982 at 2:17 AM. And on my 26th birthday, I had that usual birthday celebration. Kiko should be the only visitor I had. Besides he was the one who suggested that we’d have calamares and carbonara. HMPF grrrrrrr.

He had lots of excuses. He said he wanted to visit the following day instead because he has a cut and that he wanted to get his haircut thus it was already to late to do this if he goes to my place that hour. Of course I was angry! That’s bull if you ask me. He just doesn’t feel like going out and that was it. I told him my birthday is February 19 not February 20 nor next Saturday. I’m not being overly dramatic. He didn’t have anything overly important to do that day. And to think, we talked about this for a couple of weeks. I told him I’d never forget about this and I never will. One of the few times he failed me…

He said he’s coming here today.

It’s not my Biikday

It’s my BIRTHDAY! *oink*