Monthly Archives: April 2011


I want to pinch you cheeks and arms even if there’s nothing to pinch because you’re skinny. But I don’t mind it, dear Charmer. I want to talk to you all day and hear your soft voice and once in a while argue with you. I want you to sing to me every time we talk. I think I have a crush on you.


Death of A Life Well Lived

The news of death of family members kept pervading the office last week. A father of a an officemate didn’t wake up. The grandfather of another officemate finally succumbed to sickness. A father-in-law of another died… There was also a biker who was killed by a Suzuki car in McKinley while on our way home one morning…

Life is indeed fleeting and it got me thinking if I die right now what mark will I leave? There isn’t much that I can think of. At 29 I’m still a work in progress. I matured, I know I did, however, I still don’t know much. Can I say that my life was well lived if I go now? I do not think so.

Condolence to the families of my officemates and the unknown biker in McKinley. I wish when my time comes, I could say I have lived a life well lived and lived it to the fullest.