Monthly Archives: December 2012

Gift Giving

Don’t be jealous hon that I will be giving the most special gift ever to Keech this Christimas, You’re not yet here so don’t worry I’ll top this gift on our first Christmas as Mr. and Mrs. 

Keech said he wants nothing but when I prodded further he said he wants: peace of mind, a new job, his mother’s cancer to go away, his favorite people happy, good sleep, knowledge in investing. He was no help I tell you!

I’m currently trying to build a gift box:

peace of mind – a tiger eye cross for protection (well it’s more for my peace of mind actually)

a new job – a red tie he can use on interviews (red is his lucky color)

his mother’s cancer to go away – a prayer for healing leaflet and a rosary card

his favorite people happy – still don’t know how i can accomplish this

good sleep – thinking of buying a memory pillow

knowledge in investing – thinking of getting a book about investing

I also added a few more like a 2013 planner – for him to plan his awesome 2013. I’m also looking for a rustic key that will symbolize something. I also bought a Between You and Me Hallmark card hahahahaha. I’m also thinking of writing a story or a poem that will have all the elements of the gift. I also got to know about a boob stress ball that blushes when you squeeze it. I’m thinking of buying him two. 

WIsh me luck!