I Choose You


He never failed to tell me that I’m the only one he’s dating the past 2 years.


The only issue I have with him is his lack of time for me. So when he told me he’s saving up for our marriage because that’s a great gift he can give me, it gave me sleepless nights.

So on May 9, 2014, I was talking with Michael over Facebook and we agreed to make it official. I chose May 11, 2014 because that was supposedly my board exam day. Are you him Hon? Are you Michael?

As soon as I posted it on Facebook, many congratulated me and him but he untagged himself. He untagged himself and stopped talking to me for three days. I last spoke to him Saturday, May 10, 2014 when he said he can’t see me because he’s already in SG. He erased the tag I placed on Sunday morning on Sunday afternoon. And didn’t talk to me Sunday and Monday. My heart sank. Was it a mistake to choose him? He was in SG. Was he busy?

I knew he was back by Tuesday. I tried to call him on his mobile and my heart was broken to a million bits when I read this:


I was mad. I was so mad and I was going crazy. ‘What happened?’ was the question I kept asking and there was no one to answer. I mustered all the courage to talk to Jocy who congratulated me and I can’t hold back the tears. I sought for her help and told me to talk to Michael’s confidant, Ledon. They were very helpful. Ledon, who is currently in Saudi, called Michael for me that Tuesday night. He said Michael will talk to me as soon as he gets of the meeting. He’s just having problems at work.

I later found out that aside from problems at work, he’s overwhelmed with the publicity that our relationship generated. He said that messages poured in on Sunday. People were calling him on Viber. Even in his meeting at work our relationship became the topic. He was even asked if can manage juggling his work and relationship. He requested for things to be kept private for now. So I did. I’m still struggling but I’m trying my best to hold on.


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