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You told me not to expect. I told you I’m going to wait. They are contracdictory. You told me you’re not even expecting then maybe you shouldn’t. I’ll start not expecting too. You told me to stop my obsessions of him not because you are around. I will. I let you be and let you be free and forget about that Friday night…


everything fell into place

It may feel like it’s very alien or abrupt how this all started but there were indications right? Anyways, we are taking baby steps. I’m realizing the signs only now. It feels like we fit right into each other. It feels like everything fell into place.

I don’t mind that it happened only now nor the fact it took two years before we finally had the courage to venture or even consider it. You were so into her and I got scared as I was someone new in your life. I had two rocks I was knocking my head with, one after the other. You were a witness to all that. We’re both stupid. Nevertheless, here we are. Maybe, those people had to pass by so we could appreciate each other more.

I’m not scared that it won’t work. I know it would. What scares me is to fathom what won’t make it work. However, this is not time to be scared nor to think of things that has not happened yet and are even uncertain. This is time to look forward for the days that I know you’re ever closer to me (for I can’t say I only have you now for you have always been there).

I think I already loved you even before I knew I did.

Thanks for making me happy…


I watched this movie several times (twice I think) but I wasn’t able to watch it from start to finish. A few days ago, I completed downloading it. I’m sure the effect that it had on me would have been greater if I didn’t know the ending. This is one of the films that you should watch from beginning to end. Although it affected me less than I expected, it still did. It made me wonder about fathom, thus, it accomplished its purpose.